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Public enquiries:

Raleigh has always been a great supporter of the local bike shop, especially when it comes to buying bikes and accessories or answering questions.

We know that you are happier customers when you receive advice and support face to face. For that reason we recommend that your first stop for customer service or warranty questions should be with your local Raleigh store.

Our stockists are experts at dealing with issues and answering questions that come up and they can rely on our next day delivery service to make sure you have the products you need on time.

If you have any other enquiries please call 01773 532691 to speak to one of our customer service team or fill out the form above.

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Trade enquiries:

If you’re a bike shop owner, or looking to become one, and you’d like to apply for an account please email or call 01773 532600. Please do not send public enquiries to this address.

Media & PR:

It’s not that we’re shy it’s just that our small team is inundated with requests and bombarded with junk mail. So much so that it becomes hard to filter the great opportunities from the not-so-great. For that reason we don’t publish our media and PR contact details.

Information on old Raleigh bicycles:

The records for a large proportion of our older bicycles are held by Nottinghamshire County Council and we can’t easily access them. We also get the most obscure requests for long-forgotten vintage bikes which would take forever in a day to find. We simply can’t answer queries about vintage bicycles but we are pleased to recommend several people who can:

Raleigh Bike dating

Raleigh Building / Special Products (Pre-1970's)
Tel: 01256 765 454

Brooklands Transport Museum

Featuring a collection of over 50 vintage Raleigh bicycles
Tel: 01932 857381

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