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ARRMA RC Radio Control Cars:  Things That You Should Know As Beginner

ARRMA and they’ve rolled out some unique, fun, and fast vehicles throughout the years!

ARRMA’s line up focuses on off-road vehicles that are destined for backyard bashing and parking lot speed runs. The buggies and trucks that make up their fleet are as eye-catching as they are fast, with some models capable of handling 6S LiPo battery power. 

Buyer Guide: Best Remote Car Control

Remote-controlled cars have come a long way from being cheap toys that you can get for a few ringgit at the toy store! Modern versions of RCs – as they’re commonly called – be as fast as actual cars and even out-accelerate them! The choices and varieties are plenty, too. All of which makes buying one of the moderns RCs a little confusing to newcomers to this passion.

There’s a lot to think about before buying your first RC car. This guide will explore vehicle types, batteries, speed, capability and more. So, here’s the 101 guide to buying a remote car control.